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Housing Loans of Eurobank EFG Stedionica - Loans for Non-Residents As Well

01. October 2007

Eurobank EFG Stedionica has started approving housing loans to foreign citizens living in Serbia and citizens of our country who have been living abroad for more than a year.

This type of the loan can be repaid in euros or CHF with repayment term up to 30 years with minimum loan amount of EUR10,000.

Interest rate for loans in CHF starts at 2.05% and three-month Libor (3-month Libor plus 2.05%), while for loans in euros, interest rate states 3% with three-month Euribor (3-month Euribor plus 3%) for loans for acquisition of an apartment insured with the National Mortgage Insurance Corporation, the client must have a confirmation that s/he is employed for six months with the same employer at the minimum and that s/he is 23 years-of-age at the minimum, namely that s/he needs to pay off the last loan instalment before s/he turns 65.

- Eurobank EFG Stedionica, part of Eurobank EFG Group, as a bank which supports European values in its business operating, with its products and services it is trying to meet the needs both our citizens living here or abroad and foreign citizens who are currently living and working in Serbia. With this product, we give an opportunity to all of them to acquire an apartment in this country with the ever growing real estate market, said Borislav Strugarevic, Director of the Housing Loans Agency of Eurobank EFG Stedionica






CHF 167,500*

30 years

3-month Libor + 2.05%

CHF 887 = EUR 530

EUR 100,000

30 years

3-month Euribor + 3.00%

EUR 72

* CHF 167,500 = EUR 100,000 on Oct. 11, 2007.

Eurobank EFG Stedionica Bank is a member of EFG Eurobank Ergasias SA (Eurobank EFG) which is a European banking organization that employs over 21,000 people and offers its products and services both through its network of 1,400 branches and points of sale and through alternative distribution channels. Eurobank EFG is a member of EFG Bank European Financial Group, a Geneva-based banking Group of Latsis family interests.
In the wider area of South-eastern and Central Europe (New Europe), Eurobank EFG group ranks among the top banks in all countries where it has an established presence, namely Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. In 2006, Eurobank EFG group also entered the markets of Poland, Turkey and Ukraine.
Eurobank EFG has received high marks from the most reputable international rating agencies (Standard & Poor's, Fitch and Moody's), not only for its financial strength, but also, for the Group's client focus, high level of services, its heavy investment in modern technologies and its professional and dynamic management and personnel.
More information about Eurobank EFG can be found at www.eurobank.gr or www.eurobankefg.co.yu.

For additional information, please contact the authorised public relations agency, McCann-Erickson Public Relations, at 011 3285 125, 3034 100. Contact: Milica Jevericic 063 384 186